Telecine Facilities

Closed Until Further Notice
35mm, 16mm, Super 8, Standard 8 and 9.5mm

Transfer of film for production

VideoStation can transfer any gauge of cine film to any format of video, even if the film has damaged sprockets. The images are high resolution and can up-scale to HD, if your project requires this format.

Our company specialises in the transfer of small format film, rather than the high-end production work of most facility houses. This makes us more efficient and obviously saves on your budget at a time when you need it most. The broadcast industry was in recession even before the current recession started. It is not a good time to be wasting money.

The Bosch FDL Telecine

This machine has been modified to transfer small format film and uses a custom built multi-format gate, designed and built by Mike Waldie of Video Engineering Ltd. This new innovation enables the telecine to maintain both the full resolution and stability in the transfer of small format film.

The Bosch transports the film over rollers driven by a rubber capstan. This is to prevent any possible damage to clients valuable archive material. It can also transfer film that can no longer be projected due to sprocket damage or shrinkage.

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Bosch FDL

Bosch film rollers

Telecine gate assembly

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