Closed Until Further Notice

We are currently retooling and cannot accept client film for transfer at this time. 

Rate Information

Both our professional telecine machines run with a continuous motion and can transfer hundreds of feet of film in one pass without stopping. A computer monitors the exposure and automatically grades the film as it passes through the gate. This is to make sure that the image quality and exposure remains at maximum throughout the transfer. It is therefore, an ideal choice for home movie footage where the exposure and colours are consistently changing. 

When calculating the cost of professional transfer it is important to note that it is based on the time it takes to transfer, rather than the running time. The film must also be set-up and all the levels calibrated prior to transfer.

The most economical way to transfer film is to join as many small reels together so that as much of your film as possible can be transferred in one pass. If you would like us to provide you with an accurate quotation, it will be necessary for us to know the precise details of your collection. By far the simplest way is to either give us a call or send your films for a free evaluation. Should you find that our quote unacceptable, we will return your films at our expense. 

To help our clients we have prepared the following 

1.  Have you included all your contact details (name, address, e-mail and phone number)
2.  Have you ensured your film is sent recorded delivery (we can't help you if your material goes missing in transit) and paid the correct postage/cost of carriage.
3   Have you ensured your film is well packaged to ensure it remains dry and we receive all the reels you send. 
4  Have you got our address correct (Videostation, Suite 33 The Barley Mow Centre, 10 Barley Mow Passage, Chiswick, London W4 4PH
5  Have you included your instructions (eg the sequence you wish the reels to be transferred in)
6  Is there anything else you need to tell us about your film (eg have you applied any special colour filters/effects in shooting your material)  
7  Have you any instructions regarding the format onto which you want your output (eg DVD, MiniDv, etc)
8  Let us know if there is a turnaround deadline you are subject to. 
9  If there is anything about which you are unclear then call us on the numbers already given on this site.

Your material is handled sensitively and We always acknowledge receipt of your films.


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